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We succeeded in developing highly concentrated active water genarator.

Its name is "OuMi".


You can use active water at home at any time.

Active water is hydrogen water and it is also reduced water.

Active water is ion water, has network structures with H3O as its nucleus, and OH and H are separately bound to its end.
Active water is marvelous water in which OH and H coexist.



  We learned that water is H2O. However, the water in human cells is ion water H3O2 = H2O・OH.
  H3O2 water is very tasty and easy to drink. It has a very high absorption efficiency to the human body.
  Aging is a phenomenon in which water escapes from the human body.
  We succeeded in generating a lot of H3O2 water. We hope everyone enjoy H3O2 water.






Household ACTIVE WATER generator









Active water production capacity: 4L / min


Active water production capacity: 2L / min




Pro use ACTIVE WATER generator OuMi-B1020



Active water production capacity: 10L / min          




Why active water ?


● We all know that water is H2O and that 60 to 80% of the human body is water. We can not live without water. Our cells are filled with water and water circulates as the blood. It is not easy to answer why it is water, but if you dare to summarize it will be something like the following.


@ Water is ideal for moving ions and proteins. Water easily dissolves and carries ions and proteins. Water is easy to ionize, exchanges electrons with proteins and metals, and binds them. Ions and proteins are messengers of the human organization and are necessary to integrate the body.

A Water is the most fluid in liquid. Water is a material that can easily change shape, so it is ideal that it supports the motor function of the human body. The human body can be exercised because it is made of water.

B Water constantly evaporates from the human body. Also, in order to discharge the waste matter generated by the activity, it is necessary to always supply water in order to discharge it with water. Therefore, it is very important to supply good water.


● So, what kind of water is good water?
    The answer is easy to ionized water.


● Active water is different from hydrogen water!

 Recently hydrogen water has become popular. It is said that hydrogen is melting in. There is a publicity that hydrogen water is good because it combines with active oxygen and returns it to H2O. H2 surely burns in the air and makes H2O, so it may be wonderful. However, even if gaseous H2 enters the body, it is not an ionic state, so it will not be absorbed when it is drunk.


● Active water is also different from ion water!

 Water named ion water is on sale. Ion water electrolyzes water and decomposes into H and OH. Because H gathers at the negative electrode of the electrolytic cell and OH gathers at the plus electrode, people use it by pumping up each. When H becomes excessive in water, water shows strong acidity. As sour water can be formed, ion water manufacturers recommend that it is better not to drink too much high concentration H water. When OH becomes excessive, it shows strong alkalinity and bitter. This water has a cleaning action. It is called reducing action. I cannot recommend drinking this water too thick water.


● The fourth water

 There are liquids, ice and water vapor in the state of water, but the fourth state is advocated. ("The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor, Gerald Pollack" is a good book). Many evidence has been reported that H3O2 water is present. It was also analyzed at the RIKEN in Japan using the world's largest synchrotron radiation "Spring 8". H3O2 was that some of the water was included in ordinary water. I usually can not drink plenty of water at one time, but H3O2 water was very tasty and I could drink as much as I could. I found that the absorption of water was very fast. It is because I wanted to go to the toilet at once.


● Why can H and OH coexist in the fourth water?

 Active water is ionic water. It has a network structure with H3O as its nucleus (connected) with OH and H bound at its end. Since OH and H can not move freely, it is difficult to combine. This is the identity of the fourth water. The pH value is almost neutral. OH shows a strong detergency by reduction, H removes active oxygen in the body. It is a mysterious water where OH and H coexist. This state lasts for quite a long time. It does not change for 6 months.


● Analysis method

 Although there were many methods to measure the amount of hydrogen gas dissolved, there is no method for analyzing H3O2 water, and it was necessary to study the analysis method from nothing. Normal water electrolysis does not occur unless an electrostatic voltage of 10V or more is applied. However, this water electrolysis occurred at 1V at most. When electrolysis started in the beaker, it stopped after electrolysis for a while. The reason why it is stopped was that H3O2 was consumed. From the cumulative current value required for electrolysis, the dissolved amount of H3O2 was found. When we measured the pH value of H3O2 water, it was about 8. H3O2 water is almost neutral. It means that H coexists in water as well.


● Active water is new water?

 Active water also exists in nature. It is Lourdes water called miracle water. The concentration of H3O2 in Lourdes water was high. Actually, active water was made for a long time ago. Some people make activated water through obsidian or electric stone. You can make it even by applying an alternating electric field to water. However, those who do not know the analysis method did not know how to maximize dissolved hydrogen concentration.


● I understood the identity of the water and I got analysis method of the water, so I understood how to make a lot of H3O2 water.

 As a result, active water with the highest concentration of H3O2 was born. Please try by all means.





active water was such a marvelous ! water is very tasty water and it shows a very strong washing power. Reduction group of H3O2 = H2O・OH seems to be effective.

● Please use active water for bath water. In the case of a reheating type bath, a lot of dirt in the boiler comes out first. Repeat burning several times will not get dirty. When you take a bath, it gets warmer than natural hot springs. Usually, even if you leave the hot water left in the bath overnight it smells, but it will not smell with active water. It is marvelous. In addition, the mold that hits the walls and joints of the bath will fall cleanly. The bathroom is always clean.

● If you continue to drink active water for a month, urine will become very clear, and kidney stones may come out. Several people including me have experienced that kidney stones will come down. It seems that kidney stones melt and come out as they become smaller.

● If you spray active water on your face, the pores will get dirty and your skin will be very beautiful. Currently cosmetic company is about to use active water. water activates plants while suppressing rot.

● Please soak fruits and vegetables in active water and leave at room temperature for a month. You can keep them fresh and delicious. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables soaked in tap water rot.

● When active water was added to debilitated yoghurt bacteria in the amount of about 10ml, activity was restored.

● When plants are weakening, they may be suffering from powdery mildew or covered with lice. When you spray active water on weakened plants, lice disappear soon and the plants regain health. Therefore, you can grow vegetables without using pesticides.


In any case active water is truly marvelous water. We are seeking people who want to study active water and those who will become monitors. If the water we drink daily changes, it will be a healthy and affluent society. MIRRORCLE ANALYSIS CENTER, Ltd. has technology to generate a lot of active water.


Professor Emeritus of Ritsumeikan University   Hironari Yamada



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